Social Initiatives

The Galvan Foundation addresses Hudson’s diverse social needs by partnering with local organizations,
providing grants to area nonprofits, and planning programs that directly serve community residents.

Warren Street Academy

Galvan’s work with Hudson City School District and education nonprofits in Hudson revealed an urgent need to improve the high school graduation rate in Hudson. In 2012, the year of Galvan’s founding, the graduation rate in Hudson was only 59%.

In response to this need, Galvan partnered with Berkshire Union Free School District, Hudson City School District, and Questar III BOCES in the creation of Warren Street Academy. Warren Street Academy is an alternative education program for high school students offering small class sizes, specialized instruction, and a unique school environment. It is already improving student attendance and high school graduation rates for students from Hudson and other area school districts. Galvan provided start-up funding and developed 11,000 sq. ft. of classroom space to support this initiative.